Fatma Yalcin:
Blogger and enthusiast of products at the cross-section of technology and design.
Check out some of her discoveries:

Plumen 001 Found by fatma
Plumen 001
"Love good looking tech? Here's the first 'designer' low energy bulb that saves you 80% on your energy bills."

IdeaPaint Found by fatma
"Paint/turn your walls into dry-erase surface."

Mutewatch Found by fatma
"Tap your watch to activate the touch screen.. check the time and scroll through for other options such as alarm."

Eugene Gorelik:
Hacker and server jockey who likes to understand how things work from inside.
Check out some of his discoveries:

Biometric Wallet Found by eugene
Biometric Wallet
"If you carry valuable stuff or want to feel like a secret agent, get a wallet that won't open without your fingerprint."

Moshi Moshi handset Found by eugene
Moshi Moshi handset
"Converts iPhone to the retro-style phone"

USB Vacuum Tube Speaker Found by eugene
USB Vacuum Tube Speaker
"USB powered vacuum tube speaker. Very light-weight."