What is Curisma?
Curisma helps you discover cool products through people like you. Read more about us here.

What does Curisma mean?
It comes from curation, curiosity, and charisma. And the domain name was available.

What is Following? Why should I follow someone?
Your home page ‘Following’ lists products discovered and wanted by only those members you follow on Curisma. You can always click ‘Everything’ to view all products.

Following members with similar tastes allows you to create a personalized feed of new products that you are likely to want! Click on the follow button under member’s picture to follow him/her. You can click the button again to unfollow at any time.

What type of products can I add to Curisma?
Our members love consumer products with new technologies, unique materials, and inventive designs. They love it even more when you add a big, nice picture of the product with a juicy description directly from the brand’s or retailer’s website.

How can I add a product?
Simple! You can add products from any website using the Add to Curisma button or uploading your image on Curisma.

How do I edit a product I added?
For the products you add to Curisma, you will see an Edit button on the product’s Curisma page. Click to edit any of the product details.

How do I save a product already on Curisma to my wish list?
Like a product another member added? Click the 'Want' button under the product picture to add it to your wish list. You can also add products you own by clicking the 'Have' button. These items will automatically appear under your profile. You can click the want and have buttons once again to remove it from your profile.

How do I comment on a product?
In the product’s Curisma page, you can click on the comment box to share your thoughts or ask questions about that product. You can mention another Curisma user in your comment by typing @username.

How do I edit my profile and settings?
Drag your mouse to your profile picture on the upper right corner of the website and click ‘Settings.’ Or you can click the ‘Edit profile’ button on your profile page.

Your settings page will allow you to change your email, email notification preferences, password, picture, and other user details.

How do I invite my friends?
You can invite your friends via Facebook or e-mail.

Do you have a mobile app?
Not yet.

Can I add, promote, and sell my product on Curisma?
Please read our Brands & Retailers section and feel free to contact us at sales@curisma.com.

I have another question. I want to give feedback. Whom should I contact?
Please email us at support@curisma.com. We read every email.

I can’t get enough of Curisma. Where else can I follow you?
To get the inside scoop, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.