U-Socket Power Outlet Found by fatma 495I want it!I want it! 20I have it!I have it!
U-Socket Power Outlet
"Dual outlet with USB socket that can be installed on regular wall outlet"

Trucker’s Friend Found by instash 15I want it!I want it! 1I have it!I have it!
Trucker’s Friend
"All-in-one: curved axe, hammer and nail puller, spanner, pry bar and lever, and tire chain hook."

HP's 24-inch x2401 monitor Found by notunclesam 10I want it!I want it! 1I have it!I have it!
HP's 24-inch x2401 monitor
"HP's 24-inch x2401 monitor is just 11mm thick, arrives in November."

Whiskey Stones Found by haz0 134I want it!I want it! 37I have it!I have it!
Whiskey Stones
"Granite stones that cool down whiskey to a desirable temperature without dilluting the good stuff."

Light-Light Found by deuxmilledix 98I want it!I want it! 0I have it!I have it!
"Floating lamps by Crealev. The reinvention of the standard lamp."

Transparent Canoe Found by instash 91I want it!I want it! 6I have it!I have it!
Transparent Canoe
"Swim with the fishies, without actually swimming."

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Found by ericseven 39I want it!I want it! 0I have it!I have it!
Blackmagic Cinema Camera
"Hi res 2.5k sensor, built in SSD with RAW capability, 13 stops of dynamic range, Thunderbolt in/out, LCD touchscreen, and can use Canon EF."

Bell & Ross Vintage Collection Found by instash 38I want it!I want it! 3I have it!I have it!
Bell & Ross Vintage Coll...
"Vintage watch with a focus on classic aviation."

The Laser Scissors Found by nilufer 39I want it!I want it! 2I have it!I have it!
The Laser Scissors
"If you can't eyeball and cut a straight line, these scissors project a line out for you to follow!"