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Philips AmbientLED Bulb

"The first credible LED replacement for the common bulb. It consumes 80% less energy and is rated to burn for.. wait for it.. 25,000 hours."

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It looks like a great concept, however, when you compare a flourescent or regular light bulb to it for brightness they're really lacking. A typical 100 watt light-bulb puts out about 1,200-1,400+ lumens (brightness) and these so-called replacements put out about 200-600 lumens at the most, currently, albeit at only 6 to 9 watts. You could just put out more of them but if you're looking to replace one for one, I don't think they make them yet. I know, I've been scouring the internet for them. I love the idea of replacing all my bulbs with LEDs. The other thing is the direction or spread of the light, the light is not a smooth/diffused spread like a light bulb/flourescent, they're very directional, that needs to be improved also. The last thing is the PRICE. They're 10 to, in some cases, 30 times the cost of a regular light-bulb/flourescent bulb. Like any new technology, they'll improve and get cheaper. I'm just going to sit on the side-lines for now.

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