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Qlocktwo Touch

"The time is cleverly displayed using a matrix of alpha characters cut into a single aluminum block."

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For those who enjoy DIY and/or can't afford qclocktwo: http://curisma.com/product/3716/

it is great, sorry by the price

There for a second I was sure I wanted one. Then I saw the price...

Awesome concept, but way too expensive. I'm thinking I'll just build one myself.

The saying - time is money - has never been so true as it is with this product.

I pay that if it doubled as a disco ball and played music

Very clever, but I agree with the other comments, even with premium hardware I can't see this with a price tag any higher than $300 for its size. Someone's definitely going to figure out how to sell it for less and if they do, I'll be first in line.

$1100 bucks. I agree, you can pick one of these up for $100 bucks in a few months.

it's cool, but too much for a gimmick. Call me when it is a hundred or two.