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LYTRO Lightfield Camera

"Shoot first, focus AFTER!!! From sleep to snap in under a second."

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That glasses is suppose to help the person wearing it loosen their eyestrain helping to improve their eyesight overtime. After wearing it and trying my regular glasses it feels over powered.

Thanks for sharing, @mrperlishells - playing with the pinhole pic was fun!

They released the Windows desktop software a little recently. Here are some pictures I took. https://pictures.lytro.com/anthony.perlas#

Now that I have it, I need to friend a Mac user in Las Vegas.

Looks impressive - may revolutionize camera technology. I want!

Not there enough yet to invest. I'll wait.

Very interesting technology.

Found this earlier but before I found Curisma. Would be nice to have real point a shoot camera like this one.