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U-Socket Power Outlet

"Dual outlet with USB socket that can be installed on regular wall outlet"

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don't buy it from the link. i ordered it two weeks ago and it's still "processing" looks like the company is going out of business... just get it from amazon

There's no reason it shouldn't meet any regulatory approvals. It's simply the circuitry of a modern plugpack tucked away behind the wallplate. If it's smartly designed it would even be off when there's nothing plugged into the USB port.

Seriously kewel. Want them in Australian style power sockets.

The product details at http://store.fastmac.com/produ... state the compatibility: "Compatibility: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Bluetooth Headsets, Digital Cameras, Kindle, GPS & more!

If this is federally approved it's definitely a feature for new condo kitchens and bedrooms everywhere.

does this work for iphone charging? I know that apple places strong limitations on some of their devices but cannot imagine why this would NOT work. Please inform.

These save energy as people don't leave their power bricks plugged in (which draws power, even when not in use)

Thinkgeek.com also carries this.

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