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Beta Inkless Pen

"The name says it all - no ink, no leak, no dry, no smearing. Always ready."

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The tip of the pen is made of lead.

brilliant idea. how was it done?

cool..i want to have one...

Wow, smear lead on all your documents and then rub your fingers in it. Sounds like a GREAT idea! Lead poisoning FTW.

Coolness, forget space pens, this will last for YEARS.

Click on the photo to go to the Web site for description and opportunity to purchase. Tip is lead, so don't put it on or in your mouth...kinda sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, no?

Where can I buy it?

Soooo its a pencil?

The tiny metal tip is made of lead.

Probably made of a soft metal that deposits on the writing surface as you move it along.

Must be invisable ink...

how does it work then?